The Future: I have a plan. Version 0.1

Brief Intro: Considering what is happening to the United States: a depression, and in response to seeing a lot of horrible “things” around, I think I have a proposal for the future. And I am completely serious. You can call me a daydreamer, but imagine the possibilities. As you can see, I like to think outside the box. I am no genius nor am I extraordinarily smart; I just have a lot of ideas to share, and I think they’re workable–if enough people join me in developing this proposal. These general ideas should be improved, researched, and I hope, eventually reached and executed with oversight. Until that day, I will keep dreaming.So. We have a lot of problems in front of us. Financial crisis, housing crisis, energy crisis, health-care reform.

Obama has a lot to do, but I don’t know how he’s going to approach these issues practically. Aiite. To the point.

Please feel free to give me your constructive, meaningful comments, suggestions, and expertise.


I believe what we need is investing in everything that we lack, and walk into the future by doing regional rebuilding/building. From now on I will call this project “Project A.” This project will result in the building of simply “efficient communities”–including efficient houses, transportation, and lifestyles, with environmental energy plants, waste management, and yet profitable entertainment business.


When where what why who how. Oh, and excuse me for using “we” because I like to think I’m not alone—I represent a group of people—and of course I don’t even know who I represent until people tell me that they like my idea.


When people are able to accept my crazy idea.


First, by considering the lack of oversight for energy creation and distribution, we need to choose the most suitable geographic area. This is very crucial because today I realized that the planning/designing of a city can never be done until a geographic area is chosen. Of course we don’t want to waste time designing something that works against the given geographic. Or we can create a grand design and find the right location after its foundation has formed… which in my opinion is more inefficient/troublesome.


An institute dedicated to the design of the future, right in the center of the city, that fits perfectly with the residential, business, energy management, recycle and waste management. The realization of this institute is probably more feasible to be done as a collaboration effort with faculties from among other innovative schools such as UCSD, (please excuse me for considering my own school innovative,) MIT, and/or Art Center. Someone could easily find innovative schools after some research on the internet, these are just the ones that came to mind. And there should be many from all around the world.


Financial institutes, the U.S. government, and even foreign governments can invest in the value of Project A, thereby creating cash for everything. Jobs will be created through the numerous construction sites, and in many many different aspects.

With the concept of a future design school, people will pay tuition, thereby slightly contributing to pay back the cash borrowed.

The most important idea here is the future of the graduates, who should be finally equipped to change the rest of the world, in their own ways. Building, of all important aspects of an efficient community, demands work force, which results in employment (and spending), professional engagement, which results in corporations and private companies actively investing (and spending), and government oversight and regulations, which results in more employment and a chance to improve the existing policies for regulations and oversight (and spending).

I feel the importance of energy plants, waste management, and recycling management, in my opinion have been way underestimated. They should be carefully planned, designed, and built while considering the impact they will have.


First and foremost, we need a committee of leaders/problem solvers to help organize, manage, research, contact, and to make things happen for this proposal. With this many people being laid off, I am most confident, that under an organized government committee, with proper arrangement, advertisement, and recruitment, we will have plenty of “leaders” from all around the country to make things happen. The government has to intervene in order to prove the legitimacy, authority, and seriousness of this organization and this project.


I am trying to restore this blog to its original state… but I’m not trying too hard though. Just thought it’d be nice to have the very first draft of it. But whatever.

Feel free to leave your comments,
– 91 / Joey Ma



  1. Lucy

    Change the title to "an idea" instead of "a plan". The idea sounds creative (a milder version of crazy), the "plan", hum…where is the plan exactly? btw, r u indeed serious? :p it’s crazy to read it thru…haha…mb that’s wut futuristic is about?! final question, who would design the future of the institution that designs the future?

  2. Joey

    Yep. I am serious. Thanks for your feedback! I did an update… even though my original intention was to keep my first blog. But I failed. Sigh… I wanted to keep the first version. I’m so mad you don’t understand… I’m still trying to learn how to use this space/blog and the Windows Live Writer that works with it.

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