The Future: I have an idea. Update 0.3

I will actually put out and advertise this proposal once I reach Update 1.0.

Brief intro:

Considering what is happening to the United States—a depression, and in response to seeing numerous inefficient designs, I think I have a proposal for the future. And I am completely serious. I am no genius nor am I extraordinarily smart; I just have a lot of ideas to share. I believe these ideas are workable—and it is important for them to work—although it will mean not only the formation of a group of creative people but also further time-consuming development of this proposal. These general ideas should be improved, researched, and I hope, eventually reached and executed with oversight. Until that day, I will keep dreaming.

By the way, even though I kind of like writing, I hate reading—so I’ll be straightforward.

So. We have a lot of problems in front of us. Financial crisis, housing crisis, energy crisis, health-care reform, etc.

I even believe in Obama’s vow. He has a lot to do. But here’s my idea.


I believe that we need to invest in everything that we lack, and walk into the future by doing regional building/rebuilding. From now on I will call this project “Project A.” This project will result in the building of simply “efficient communities”–including efficient houses, transportation, and lifestyles, with environmental energy plants, waste management, and also profitable entertainment businesses.



As you will see, I like to think outside the box. You can call me a daydreamer, but imagine the possibilities. This is simply a space where I can put down my thoughts, update them, and share them. I sure hope to further develop this idea and eventually put this idea/proposal out when it is more mature and ready.

Please feel free to give me your constructive, meaningful comments, suggestions, and expertise.


[expand+] = expanding on this statement/idea/example would be a plus

Note the bold texts as they indicate the content of each section.

Aiite. To the point.


When where what why who how. Oh, and excuse me for using “we” because I would like to think that I’m not alone—while we represent a group of people. And of course I don’t even know who I represent until people tell me that they like my idea.


When people are able to accept my “creative” proposal.


First, by considering the lack of oversight for energy creation and distribution, we need to choose the most suitable geographic area. [expand+] (info to support the previous sentence). This is very crucial because today I realized that the planning/designing of a city can never be done until a geographic area is chosen. Of course we don’t want to waste time designing something that works against the given environment. Or we can create a grand design and find the right location for it, which in my opinion will be more work than we need.


Simply put, a city that revolutionizes the American lifestyle. In the center of the city will be an institute dedicated to the design of the future. This institute will be placed “perfectly” alongside with the residential and business buildings, with the whole city under innovative and efficient energy, recycling, and waste management. The realization of this institute is probably more feasible to be done as a collaboration effort with faculties from among other innovative schools such as UCSD, (please excuse me for considering my own school innovative,) MIT, Art Center, and the list goes on. [expand+] Someone could easily find innovative schools after some research on the internet, these are just the ones that came to mind. And there should be many from all around the world.


Financial institutes, the U.S. government, and even foreign governments can invest in, or even donate to, Project A, thereby creating cash. And yes, the U.S. will probably print more money, but it would have been only a fraction of what we already spent. Jobs will be created through the numerous construction sites, and in many many different aspects. Imagine: every leader in almost every industry can contribute—cash—to the realization of this project, which results in more employment, more cash circulation. The economy needs help, and this can be it. [expand+]

With the concept of a future design school, people will donate, pay tuition, attract tourism, thereby slightly contributing to pay back the cash borrowed. Building, of all important aspects of an efficient community, demands work force, which results in employment (and spending), professional engagement, which results in corporations and private companies actively investing (and spending), and government oversight and regulations, which results in more employment and a chance to improve the existing policies for regulations, oversight, and spending.

The most important idea for the school’s being here is the future of the graduates, who eventually shall be equipped to change the rest of the world, in their own ways.

I feel the importance of energy plants, waste management, and recycling management, in my opinion have been way underestimated. They should be carefully planned, designed, and built while considering the impact they will have. This will be a massive, positive change and an important milestone in the human history.


First and foremost, we need a committee of leaders—problem solvers—to help organize, manage, research, contact, and to make things happen for this proposal. Now and on referred to as PAC for the Project A Committee. I am most confident that an organized government committee, with proper arrangement, advertisement, and recruitment, will find plenty of open-minded leaders and knowledgeable experts in every industry from across the country. I believe this is the best way (for now, if not, correct me) to make things happen the fastest. The government has to intervene in order to prove the legitimacy, authority, and seriousness of this organization and this project. I do know that politics are very corrupt in its nature, therefore this government organization needs to be separated from the government at the same time, perhaps like FDIC. [expand+]

I also do know that profits are the real driving force in people and corporations’ minds, but assuming we care enough, I am sure we can formulate incentives that work out for the grand scheme of things. [expand+]

Order of things

(which a city planner and other experts would know much better):

    1. First, Plan. As a wise chess player shall foresee the possible moves of his opponent, also shall we as we are against ourselves all along. We have made mistakes; it is now time to learn from our mistakes and make the better moves.
    2. Then, location. Location, location, location.
    3. Energy creation, distribution, and management. What do we do without energy?
    4. Recycling & waste management.
    5. Following up. “In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.” –Isaac Asimov. That means 1) we are ready to collect information from what we have done, 2) we as well as our infrastructure can learn and change for the better after careful planning, though it does not mean we always should.

List of things

    • A Design School:
    • A Museum:
      • MOCA, MoMA, are indeed awesome museums.
      • But I am looking at something like this—like, ARS Electronica. I love their innovation, and I am not trying to steal their idea: Please go to “Credits” for more info.
      • [expand+
    • A Buildings:
      • The basic idea could be something like this. But please don’t just stop there; improve it and then apply to this kind of houses.
      • [expand+
    • A New Plaza: imagine your mall looking like this.
      • Okay I have to admit that’s a lot, but I’m sure we will figure out the details.
      • [expand+]
    • A Community Center:


Aiite. That’s the main idea. But it never stops, as you know.

Outline of Proposal:

  1. Brief intro
  2. Blah
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. What
  6. Why
  7. How
    1. Order of things
    2. List of things
  8. Outline of Proposal
  9. Outline of Project A Key Concepts
  10. Credits
    1. Websites used
    2. Good resources
  11. Just sharing
  12. And more of my thoughts

Outline of Project A Key Concepts:

  1. Location, location, location.
    1. Concept: [expand+]
    2. Design: [expand+]
    3. Policy: [expand+]
  2. Energy creation, distribution, and management.
    1. Concept: The energy plants need to be built, and these energy plants need to be environmental, well-regulated, and efficient in their designs.
    2. Design: [expand+]
    3. Policy: [expand+]
  3. Recycling & waste management
    1. Concept: This careful planning will fundamentally affect the lifestyles of the people of Project A. Furthermore, it is one of the key factors which determines the impact of Project A—as efficiency, innovation, and revolution collide.
    2. Design: [expand+]
    3. Policy: [expand+]


I came up with a very general idea, which was the beginning of this project, late December of 2008, inspired by Calit2, where I got hired as a docent and gallery assistant in late August the same year.

And more crazy idea came to me. Then in one of my courses I found out about the existence of ARS Electronica, which not only blew my mind but also persuaded me that the realization of my proposal is possible. I like how Adida puts it: Impossible is nothing.

Thanks to, I found numerous resources, of which I found helpful to open minds and to further develop my proposal.

Coming soon—more details—as I continued to daydream and dwell on this idea during my sleepless nights.

Websites used:

    1. UCSD:
    2. MIT:
    3. Art Center College of Design:
    4. [list of schools]:
    5. Bauhaus:
    6. MOCA:
    7. MoMA:
    8. ARS Electronica:

Good resources:

    1. Storefront for Art and Architecture:
    2. Global Green:

Feel free to spread this idea, and invite people to develop on this idea. And of course, respect the authorship.

Just sharing:

I am serious about this idea; nonetheless, I am coming to realize that the main motivation for me to continue developing on it is that I care about the U.S.A. I love American, even though I wasn’t born here. I migrated here when I was 14, and for some reason I just really like the ideals of America. Furthermore, I have not simply become a U.S. citizen in 2004; I have also grown to feel proud and ashamed of this country and because of its peoples, actions, and developments. That’s why I want to be taken seriously. That’s why I care enough to write this proposal. And fix, update, and perfect it.

And I want to do a video blog bashing how many bad designs are in my life.

And here is more of my thoughts:

As I do more research, I find that innovation is always around. It’s just sometimes we don’t see them; things are moving so fast today that without a very organized group of historians (media?) it becomes easy for us to know nothing about a lot of what’s going on outside of our lives. (Of course, in this last sentence I am referring to “we” the people who are not interested/following in every news & in this case art/architecture development.)

Especially in the field of architecture, BIG, short for Bjarke Ingels Group, is just insane (in a good way, no doubt). In brief, they are a group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers. I found out about them thanks to halt:blog, and BIG is almost exactly where my proposal leads to after the formation of the PAC (Project A Committee). The purpose of PAC’s formation will be mainly to speed up the process of things and to coordinate the numerous aspects of Project A, including the development and installation of businesses and companies in Project A.

collaborating with insomnia,
– 91 / Joey Ma


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  1. Lucy

    hm…it\’s crazy me again, i read thru your updated idea, since i read thru your first one, I think i should keep on reading ur second one. Really 佩服 you that you can write such a long quality essay. I don\’t know if I would have any constructive or meaningful comments or suggestions to offer, hm…but i do have some critiques about several places while reading…

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