The Future: I have an idea, in pieces. Update 0.4


Considering what is happening to the United States: a depression, and in response to seeing a lot of horrible “things” around, I think I have a proposal for the future. As a naturalized American citizen, I am proud to be an American, and I do hold on to the American ideals and values. Nonetheless as a global citizen and a creative artist, I cannot help but come to see the U.S. as a weakening country. As far as high technology, America has great resources and often has the best equipments for research and further technological advancement. Yet on the societal level, American people have not really enjoyed much advancement and innovative ideas in their daily lives except all but one area: computer processing. Therefore, I would like to push some new ideas forward, and hope sincerely I can see the positive changes in my future life in the U.S. I want to see a positive and radical change in my lifestyle.

So. We have a lot of problems in front of us–as in the U.S. The financial crisis, housing crisis, energy crisis, health care reform… are all extremely important issues.

Obama has a lot to do, and I am moved by his charisma, but I don’t know how he’s going to approach these issues practically. Alright. I hope I have your attention now.


One idea, in pieces.

I believe that what we need to do is to invest in everything that we lack. All of my ideas are meant to be economically profitable, and needs to be politically driven as well as socially revolutionary. Note that my ideas imply a good change of lifestyle. Among the several ways to walk into the future, as I can only imagine, or it can be a combination of all of these; these ideas are only feasible by means of combining innovative ideas, insightful investments, and sophisticated employment and execution.

One way to solve our mess in the U.S. is to start in the homes, building and rebuilding on regional levels. By slowing implementing new technology and constantly improving our existing infrastructure, the people will eventually be able to see changes in their way of living. From now on I will call this idea “Project A.” This is the way all things have been done.

Another way to improve our economy is to invest in a brand new region in the States. I will call this idea “Project B.” This project will result in the building of “efficient communities”–including efficient houses, transportation, and revolutionizing our current lifestyles, with environmental energy plants, sophisticated waste management, next-generation ways of telecommunication for the homes, the education system, and the government, while still allowing entertainment businesses to be profitable.

Project C” will rely on a group of leaders, visionaries, and long-term investors to create an educational institue, fostering the artists and businessmen of the future, which will result in future collaborations with engineers from all fields to help implement innovative ideas. The physical building of the institute and its surrounding should also be the best test beds for the new lifestyles.


Oh, and when I say “we,” I am thinking of the collective people who would want to change in their way of living for the better, and in the process solve many of our issues ranging from economic to environmental.

– 91 / Joey Ma


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