BIG HOUR presents: G.R.E.

check out Joey Ma’s latest album release G.R.E.!!!

a few words:

This is a compilation of the songs I’ve done a while back, most of which from my senior year in high school, and some of which from my first two years in college. They are exactly what the name suggests; G.R.E. stands for GarageBand Rhythm Exercises. Sometimes I go back to my old stuff, and I imagine that there are ways to make them better, hotter, cooler; but the fact is, the more I listen to these tracks, the more I grow to like them. I like them a lot. So here they are. I hope you’ll grow to like them, too.

track list:

1. Introducing [00:47]

2. GarageBand Rhythm Exercise [04:02]

3. For the Love of It [04:00]

4. i l. U [04:08]

5. But [04:21]

6. Can’t Trust Them [05:29]

7. Like A Car Commercial [03:55]

8. Something Like A Party [02:49]

9. Take A Break [00:44]

10. Emotion Low [04:01]

11. Break 2 [00:42]

12. Blinded [04:42]

13. To Me [03:48]

14. Something Like Funk [03:56]

15. Something Fun [02:40]

16. The Unwritten [04:24]

17. No Words [05:00]

18. The Dark Side [03:48]

19. X Planet [03:15]

20. Tripping Over Something [02:16]

– 91 / Joey Ma


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