After listening to this track, would you consider it an original composition?

Playing with very basic sampling techniques, this track explores new sonic material out of an original recording “Boogie Stop Shuffle” by Charles Mingus. Maybe you won’t agree with me that this is an original composition, but would you have known if this information was not supplemented?

Maybe you will, if you are a Charles Mingus fan.

Nonetheless, this is much more of a hip-hop beat than a jazz remake or a dubstep shuffle. I had fun making a this track song, and I love it. It definitely needs to be mixed a better, and I hope that it can find a voice to rap over it. Sure, there are several directions which I think the song can take and develop further, but I’ll leave it here for now. I hope you’ll like it, too.

Everyday I’m sampling,
– 91 / Joey Ma


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