Trish Stone at Art Produce


at Art Produce Gallery

May 14-June 19, 2011

Opening reception & outdoor video screenings:
Saturday, May 14, 7pm-9pm

Closing reception & outdoor video screenings:
Saturday, June 11, 7-9pm for Ray at Night

3139 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

Project Description:

Trish Stone‘s new media artworks challenge corporate culture by inserting her personal narrative into surveillance media. In “Things I Never Say,” she physically steps into the frame of San Diego’s privately owned publicly accessible webcams, using the surveillance site as an opportunity for performance. Over the course of several weeks, Trish Stone holds signs up in front of the webcam, confessing her darkest thoughts one word at a time to an online audience. Here, you can see her documentation of the streaming video as stills and re-presents the footage on a networked array of monitors.

Just a few of the many pictures from her 2008 performance.

Exhibit Description:

In this exhibition, Trish presents documentation of the “Things I Never Say” project and creates a space for audience participation by using the model of surveillance technology to create an installation which invites interactivity. Visitors to Art Produce first notice the sidewalk vitrines, displaying documentation of Trish Stone’s public perfromances in front of San Diego’s public webcams.

Upon entering the store front gallery space, the audience finds their own image mirrored back to them via a live webcam, projected onto a screen. Handheld chalkboards are available so that visitors can write messages to the online audience.

On the front wall, Trish has created a diagram which maps the flow of data from the performer to the webcam and then to a display off-site. The webcam feed from this installation will be streamed to Casa Familiar as well as to Calit2 at UC San Diego.

For Art Produce events such as Ray at Night and North Park Arts Tour, the Art Produce garden will be used for screening videos by local artists. The screenings are curated by Trish Stone along the theme of public/private space, and include a range of performances about identity, place, and digital culture.

Gallery Description:

ART Produce is a unique artist run storefront exhibition space in North Park, San Diego. It also features an attached coffee shop and a beautiful little garden in the back.

Although the gallery space is small, it is entirely visible from the sidewalk and was designed to accommodate sculptural installations, cross-disciplinary works, digital media, and performance events. The space allows for unconventional presentation opportunities for artists and unexpected art encounters for viewers. Intended to enliven the experience of the pedestrian, it is an experiment in public art that is accessible to everyone in the community–an attempt to render visibility and transparency into the art process itself. Originally built as a market, the ART Produce building now houses the storefront gallery, artist’s studios, a community room, Caffe Carpe Diem, the San Diego Shambhala Meditation Group and Stone Paper Scissors studio. The community room is utilized for public meetings, classes and workshops, film screenings and performance events. The gallery is open 7 days a week, 7 am – 4 pm through the cafe.

More pictures!

Joey Ma: Things I never say!

Julia Kao: Things she never says.

Ryan Lee: Speechless.

Find Trish’s website here:

See the live streaming here:

Find out more about the exhibit here:

Find Art Produce Gallery’s website here:

check it out!
– 91 / JOEY MA


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