Stephen Liu & Friends present


I had 23 weeks to do something to graduate. So I spent 23 weeks torturing pianos.

Just kidding. PROJECT:READYSTEADYGO aims to balance avant-garde innovation with accessible aesthetics by relying solely upon one single piano and some extended techniques for instrumentation. Its six songs feature mainstream-styled compositions that utilize piano preparations and techniques to round out its sounds. Throughout the process of making this album, I’ve enlisted the use of fishing line, screws, magnets, mallets, and six fellow singers.

PROJECT:READYSTEADYGO has become a project just as interdisciplinary as the major it’s meant to complete, with side projects such as a video blog and a specially designed CD sleeve. I want to thank Tiffany Guerrero, Hannah Wang & Nina Wang, Lawrence Park, Caroline Sheng, and Justin Chan, who are all the featured singers in my songs.

See how this project progressed over the period of 23 weeks starting with…

000: In Which I Try To Get This Project Started

Go to my website to check out my other projects!

– Stephen Liu


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