EP Phone Home

Big Hour presents:

Turning Tricks

When Rishi, Sam, and Jason first met in the Muir College dorms in 2009, it was love at first sight. The fusion of Rishi’s jazzy drumming, Sam’s virtuosic guitar wizardry, and Jason’s driving basslines proved too alluring to resist. What began as an innocent fling soon turned serious. They jammed at all hours of the night, pounding out songs like nobody’s business. A year and a half later, they entered UCSD’s own CPMC studio with Joey Ma to give birth to their first EP.

The four songs that compose EP Phone Home were among the first that Turning Tricks conceived. Bringing them to life with Joey’s skilled experience was a rewarding labor of love. They recorded bass and drums together live, overdubbed guitars and vocals on top and mixed it until it was juuust right. You can hear it for yourself here, or download it at their bandcamp page. If you like what you hear, feel free to follow Turning Tricks on Facebook for more announcements!

We are,
Turning Tricks


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