What is Antioquia?

As always, I spend a good period of time consuming on unheard of music, among the other things I do. Since there is only limited amount of time for doing this, I always bookmark 10+ links for reading / listening later. And Antioquia is a band that I’ve found to be interesting lately.

Coat of arms

In addition to being a band with a strong experimental appetite, creating music in a genres mixed with funk, rock, and tropical, Antioqia is also one of the 32 departments of Columbia, where each department is like a county subdivisions having its own Governor and a Department Assembly.

Antioquia shown in red on the cost of Colombia.

“Birthed in Colombia and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland-based Antioquia makes music that inspires raucous dancing and deep listening.  With influences ranging from Mahavishnu Orchestra to Primus, Antioquia’s primary mission is to unite humans in the healing act of dance through a genre that they have dubbed, “Afro-Colombian Psychedelic Lovefunk.” Their earnest let-it-all-hang-out stage presence encourages the same from the audience, creating a feedback loop that builds momentum as standers-by are sucked into the dance floor.”

Due to my inability to embed the player here (or rather the inability of WordPress/Myspace), you can find more information and listen to their music here at http://www.myspace.com/antioquiaband

After hearing “Humans Do” before any of their tracks, I was left with an awesome impression. However, after having gone back and listened to their other tracks, I can only say the band has many other tracks that are even more experimental and non-traditional… Although I can’t say I love all their songs, but I do find “Humans Do” and “My piano ate the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle” more lovable than others.

I feel that despite our personal background, it is almost always good to be exposed to be new music, even if they sound bad at first. This process often calls for self-discovery, and one can learn about what he likes, what she dislikes, or what we never knew about ourselves. We find love for a certain kind of music when we experience resounding happiness in our hearts, and we realize hate for a certain kind of music when we encounter unpleasant frustration in our ears and our brains. Maybe you will find all of their music crazy and unbearable, or maybe you’ll love them. Nonetheless, let’s hope we’ll find more good music from any band, even from a little-famed one like Antioquia!

when I heard ” Humans Do” I :)’d
91 / Joey Ma


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