MOTD: Holland – No Control

Due to the nature of my current job, I’ve been exposed to numerous artists / bands as well as many different kinds of music. I have to say that most of the time, I’m not impressed. But I do come across some good songs by chance, and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share these with you.

So here goes first of the MOTD series; or Music Of The Day, that is.

Since recently I’ve been a little emotional on the inside, I’ll go with this rock song by Holland. I think the band does a really good job with this track. Though the music and the vocal melody sound quite lighthearted in the first half, the lyric remains expressive throughout the whole song, and the letting go of the song’s deeper emotion musically towards the later part just makes me want to cry on the inside.

Holland – No Control

What do you do when you love someone, and you don’t know why you’re doing it the hard way? I wish I have control, too. Someone, please, don’t let the sun go down.

Here’s the behind the scene video on vimeo.

Write slow, post quick,


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