MOTD: Mama Kin – Tore My Heart Out

Born in Australia, Danielle Caruana is better known as Mama Kin, with her debut album titled “Beat And Holler” released in 2010. She is also known as John Butler‘s wife for some.

Actually, depending on when you’re born, Mama Kin is probably better known as Aerosmith’s 1973 hit, which appeared on tis debut self-titled album.


But Mama Kin is also a Aerosmith tribute rock band that was formed in Canada, and they have been playing touring extensivelythroughout both Canada and the United States since 1991.

Furthermore, Mama Kin is also a rock band from Sweden that was formed in 2001. They have been a celebrated act in the Swedish underground scene, and in 2010 released their debut album titled “Superman.”

Although I have no intention of discrediting all the Mama Kins’s successes, I guess it could be said that brilliance is easier imitated than created. :p

Sorry for the detour; here’s the actual song that I wanted to share with you today.

Tore My Heart Out


Mama Kin’s Facebook Page here.

Mama Kin’s official website here.

Find parts of her story here.

Please don’t,


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