Mac OS X Lion Fails?

I’ll venture into something that more people care about this time… I just want to talk about the faults in Apple’s new OS, and I hope they will improve in OS X Mountain Lion.

Not that my opinion matters a lot, but a great Apple product matters to me. At least that is until it proves itself failing to be user-friendly and innovative.

I am afraid it has failed, in several aspects. Remember, it takes time for people to get used to things, but simply changing does not also mean improving.

By the way, props to stu’s rambling to inspire me to organize some of the features I’ve found unhelpful in Mac OS X 10.7

I will go with Stu’s blog posts and organize them here. And just in case you’re really bored, Stu did ramble about this already.

Lion Annoyance #1 : Hidden Library Folder

Link. Okay, this one I care a little less, but it also means that fixing things by myself will be harder.

Lion Annoyance #2 : No more Save As?! WHY?

Link. I haven’t noticed this yet.

Lion Annoyance #3 : DigitalColor Meter Scandal

Link. What the hell? Why would they take out a useful function?

Lion Annoyance #4 : Repeating Keys Replaced

Link. Yes. It’s not that big of a bother, but it is strange. Instead of showing up when a letter key is pressed, it would be better, in my opinion, to leave it only showing up when option + letter are pressed together.

Lion Annoyance #5: Stop Saving Application States on an App-by-App basis (Including Preview!)

Link. Haven’t noticed this function yet…

Lion Annoyance #6: Fix for the FUGLY new iCal appearance

Link. I got used to it after using it… 2 months.

Lion Annoyance #7: No fullscreen mode across multiple monitors

Link. Haven’t used this feature yet, but it sounds horrible.

Lion Annoyance #8: Mission Control Sucks

Link. It does. Bring back Exposé. Bring back “show all application windows” function. Spaces/Expose is much more powerful, intuitive, and efficient than Mission Control. Please refer to web address .

Lion Annoyance #9: Turn off pop-up window animations

Link. Doesn’t really bother me, but I turned it off.

Lion Annoyance #10: Turn off spelling auto correct

Link. This one hasn’t bothered me, yet.

Lion Annoyance #11: Fix for the FUGLY Address Book leather appearance

Link. Oh well.

Actually, iCal was much better and simpler in design as well. If you have actually used iCal before, you would know why it’s annoying to use now. Just one example. When I double click to create a new event, it’s in the default category. Before I was able to choose a category, double click, and the event I wanted to create would show up, waiting for me to enter the rest of the information. I don’t want have to choose the category afterwards. Also, even just the way to view, the way to organize calendars, was better in Snow Leopard.

Let me talk about my experience with using iCal on my iPhone as well. I was “forced” to go to Mac OS X Lion for its iCloud sync compatibility, which has been working well in general. However, I feel like iCal’s sync options menu is fucked up. I just don’t get it. On my iPhone, I click on Calendars on the upper left corner, then i see “From My Mac” and “From iCloud” – what? First, it doesn’t make sense, if the design is suggesting to be “able” to have one calendar on Mac and another on iPhone. Second, I’ve chosen to sync my calendar through iCloud, why do I get to choose to see “From My Mac” or “From iCloud? Third, when I want to add an event, I want to choose the type of event (“Calendar”) it should be categorized; From My Mac or from iCloud. Can it be more confusing? I’m sure it can, but I already hate it for the complicated design they have right now.

Address book is the same way: I see change, but no improvement. Please, I want to use address book like before.

Actually the word suggestion is pretty good, too, except it doesn’t fix the punctuations,, like this one.

I am still learning how to use Lion, but I am also learning that I am really not liking Lion. And what is Mountain Lion supposed to bring? Please do not force the OS X to change when it’s not for the better. How about an upgrade, and then allow the user to choose whether or not he wants the App / function upgrade? That would be revolutionary. But I still want to go back to Snow Leopard.

I hope Apple only becomes better and better, and at this point, I still care. Please don’t drive me  back to using Windows again. I’m selling all my AAPL stocks.

Venting a lil’ bit.


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