Fancy Footworks


Fancy Footwork is the second album by Canadian electronic/dance pop group Chromeo. It was released on June 19, 2007. Fancy Footwork spawned three singles, “Fancy Footwork”, “Tenderoni”, and “Bonafied Lovin'”, all released on Turbo Recordings. A double CD deluxe edition was released on July 9, 2008. It features the original album along with a second disc of remixes and bonus tracks, as well as music videos. The album peaked at #11 on the Top Electronic Albums chart.


CutMod, whom I’ve gotten the chance to know through a few courses taken at UCSD, is a computer artist, DJ, VJ, and audio programmer who has worked on a remix of the track. He found his alias from the audio terms Modulation and Frequency Cutoff. Modulation is used to add animation to your sound over time, making it more interesting, lively, or realistic. A good example of this type of sonic animation is the vibrato used by orchestral string players. And in digital signal processing, the computer artists are now empowered with  the tools / plug-ins/ instruments to freely change the cutoff frequency of the filter to produce sounds to his liking, and this is just what CutMod does, among other things.

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