MOTD: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (Beacon)



Sleep Alone’s single cover.


the album cover of Beacon, release on September 3rd.

Produced by Jacknife Lee, who has also produced U2, Bloc Party.


Buying it from indievox if you live in Taiwan.  (2CD Deluxe Version)

Buying it from iTunes’ music store if you live in US.  (US Version)


以首張專輯榮獲Choice Music Prize「2010年度愛爾蘭專輯獎」、BBC「Sound of 2010」、告示牌Top Heatseekers #5、全球百萬銷售人氣,NME封為「今夏音樂祭頭號必看樂團」,近年最受推崇的Electro Pop超級勁旅

Their debut album, Tourist History, was the selected for the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year (2010), BBC’s Sound of 2010, Billboard Top Heatseekers #5, and has gone on to sell gold, chosen by NME (New Musical Express, a hefty and respected music publication in UK) to be the band to be on the look out for.


Pretty badass, I have to say.
91 / Joey Ma


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