Mumford & Sons


Interesting article on their sales numbers.

A new show has just been added!

Actually my friend had already previously fervently invited me to go see their concert on Nov. 10th; however, the concert was sold out within 30-40 minutes and she was not able to get tickets. And now there are so many on stubhub selling for twice the original price. Now that a new show is added, I was able to finally successfully get tickets (at the right price)!

Even though there had only been about 15 minutes past 10AM, the best seats that I secured was M2. = =


And want to guess the reason that I couldn’t buy it at 10:00AM?

1. I was driving. -_____________-

2. I really think TicketMaster has the worst security check system. I had a friend to helped me buy the ticket while I was driving, and he failed the security check 2 times

3. Making a phone call while in the process of making the order.

And it bounced me out of the app 1 time because I made a phone call, and 2 more times because I accidentally clicked the wrong place. I really don’t know if it’s the iPhone’s fault or mine, but I had to restart!


But oh well, let’s hope the show will be good!


Still trying, to go for live music,
91 / Joey Ma


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