Windows 8 / Using Tabs

So I did it. I’m switching back to Windows from Mac. It might be a surprising move to most Mac users, and the decision indeed came to me as difficult as it could have been, but I have to say: I am enjoying Windows 8 so far. I’ll save myself from explaining my disappointment in Apple today.

Due to my strange preference, I had to settle with a 6GB RAM PC. (I couldn’t find a PC with (#1) touch screen, (#2) blu-ray player, (#3) USB 3.0, (#4) 6GB RAM or higher, (#5) 1TB HD. I actually couldn’t find one that had all of the above yet under $1500, so when I found this one, with the 27″ screen, I fell for it right away.

Yet, other than the lack of speed, which is really not that bad; the screen resolution, I’m growing fond of it. I know that the speed is mainly a direct result of not enough RAM, but I can live with the speed since I’m doing much less pro audio & video editing work now. The resolution was mainly noticeable because of my bad habit to look at my screen really close; nonetheless, the big screen is helping me adjusting my bad habit. I am learning Windows 8, and I’m starting to like it. And this is only day 3.

So back to what I wanted to say… I need to review how to use Windows.

Here are the different ways to switch between tabs using keyboard shortcuts:

To switch to the next tab:

Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PgDown

To switch to the previous tab:

Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp

To switch to a specific tab:

Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8

To switch to the last tab:


Win 8 for now,

91 / Joey Ma

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