creative loser

Well, the term loser is usually granted to an individual by those who are different from them… the “norm.” If everyone is a loser, then there would be no such thing; but the fact that creative people often do not know how to present themselves, their ideas, thoughts, or emotions the way their peers do, it is easy to conclude that the people who don’t know how to express themselves are more creative in other ways.

So it should come as no surprise the people whom you call losers are probably more creative than you, because you haven’t had a chance to see the side that they’re good at yet. But until they’re discovered by other friendly, patient people or alike losers, they just might be.

An upcoming study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology called “Outside Advantage: Can Social Rejection Fuel Creative Thought?” is suggesting that people who already have a strong “self-concept”–i.e. are independently minded–become creatively fecund in the face of rejection. that social rejection is closely related to the creative world.

This is an interesting article in the sense it dissects this topic more and encourages people to accept creativity more. “The benefits of being different is not a message everyone is getting.” This reminds me of how I was rejected / not accepted at multiple places I wanted to work at. Very well, then.


by Jennifer Miller, a Fast Company’s Co.CREATE writer.

Your casual reader,
91 / Joey Ma


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