Looking Back, But Moving On

Dear Self,

Not only have I found myself extremely short on time these days, I have also found that you are short on time as well.

In your loneliness you found love, and in love you have found despair. Yes in deed, it is easy to lose sight of hope in despair.

How my heart is misspelt, I cannot change, but please be reminded.

Though it may be laughable to you, please understand that I just can’t help but come to my own defense.

If there was something to say, I have saved it, for a while. You kept silence, I kept my word.

If there was something to do, I have done it, for a bit. I don’t like violence, but I do resort to it in order to fill my emptiness.

Thank you for your patience, your silence has definitely outgrown mine.

So I will.

I will throw it away. Missed and ashamed to say, but perhaps, there’s nothing left to do, nothing left to say.

I will remember, that you did not want to forgive.

I will remember, the distance you kept.

But I will wait. I will hold on hope.

Doing something, saying something.

Until you come home, I will be working on it.

Until I am more matured, I will be moving on.


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