From Incan Abraham:

In February, Spence, Andrew & I were sitting in a ’97 Ford Econoline in a Reno Nevada alleyway, listening to some freshly recorded demos that Giuls had just finished mixing.  Stoked on how they sounded, even on the tinny van speakers, we started thinking.  A week into our first tour, our optimism and sense of band had never been stronger.  We decided to do as much with those energies as possible, and dove into the studio immediately upon our return, hoping that some of that warmth would find its way onto the recordings.




Premiering on SPIN magazine today, “Tuolumne” (pron. To-All-O-Me), in all its sonic lushness, is the first fully ripened parcel of that tree.  A modest representation of a larger chapter in our lives, and a thumbnail of what’s to come, this song does a little bit of everything for us.  We hope you find it to be affirming of something, digging up remote but equally rewarding frontiers.

Produced by Incan Abraham + Clinton Welander.

Buy the zine + get a download code in it for ‘Tuolumne / Whidbey’: bit.ly/12CmIx1

Tour dates:
July 11 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
July 12 – San Diego, CA @ The Void
July 13 – Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar

i like this track,


on spin: http://www.spin.com/articles/incan-abraham-tuolumne-stream-white-iris/


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