Gogol Bordello

Late July marked the release of Pura Vida Conspiracy, the 6th studio album from acclaimed gypsy punks Gogol Bordello. Andrew Scheps, who has previously produced albums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta, produced the album, and it is already getting rave reviews. USA Today had this to say of Pura Vida Conspiracy: “Move the furniture aside because it’s impossible not to bang about the room to the locomotive rhythms and Eastern Europe-meets-Clash sounds of these Ukranian-American gypsy punksters”.

You can download Pura Vida Conspiracy here, and for a limited time, the album will be available for $7.99 from iTunes and Amazon: iTunes/Amazon/ATO Store

Check out Gogol Bordello’s recent performance of “Lost Innocent World” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that SPIN called “ecstatic” and Rolling Stone raved about, saying “the band simmered through the verses and erupted in a flash of movement and volume on the chorus, instruments and voices intertwining in a dizzying blend of sound.” 

You can download the track “Malandrino” for free HERE.


They’re such pirates… repost from ATO Records’ newsletter


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