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‘Linsanity: The Movie’ Comes to Taiwan

October 6, 2013 |  by

Can you still recall the time when it seemed as if Linsanity took the world by storm?

Taiwan’s most beloved basketball player, Jeremy Lin (林書豪), will finally be appearing on the silver screen in Taiwan! Linsanity: The Movie will be premiering in Taiwan on October 11th. Witness the inspiring story of how Lin became the exceptional role model that he is today. The NBA player has gained international recognition and an enormous fan base, and has many supporters in Taiwan, especially the youth. Since his roots are in Taiwan, Jeremy Lin has actively returned to host basketball camps for his fans and even underprivileged children. His talent and his big heart are seen as a true inspiration.

The documentary film takes a closer look at Lin’s journey before becoming a worldwide name, from his childhood to his multitude of struggles when he first entered the NBA. Jeremy had to overcome a great deal of hardship and racism throughout his journey, which he opens up about in the film. Jeremy Lin has played the ground-breaking role of overturning stereotypes about Asians in major professional sports and has inspired the Asian community to follow their dreams.

Watch the trailer below:

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