Sonic Emotion

Absolute 3D –

the listening experience

Amazing Ultra HD sound for the entire room – any device, any input – just plug and play.

That’s what they say.

Sonic Wave I

Perfect sound for all listeners

The Sonic Wave I 3D sound processor enlarges the listening zone of conventional surround sound and enables perfect audio imaging for all listeners. The Sonic Wave I controls all the speakers in a room to reproduce sound sources that are virtually outside the room. If these sound sources are placed far away, the characteristics of plane waves can be reproduced. With plane waves, the angle at which someone perceives a sound source remains the same everywhere, enlarging the sweet spot to the entire room and enabling a spatial sound experience for all listeners. Reproduced sound sources can be moved around allowing the production of creative sound designs.

Perfect adaptability

Only 8-24 loudspeakers are required to implement the Sonic Wave I, making it suitable for new and existing installations including applications in concert halls, movie theaters, clubs, multipurpose halls, conference rooms, theaters, museums and many more. Compatibility to stereo and 5.1 is guaranteed by reproducing the sound field through virtual speakers.


With the MaxMSP Plugin you can control all the functions of the Sonic Wave I through MaxMSP. This allows you to  program your own interfaces and link the control to different peripherals like joysticks or tracking systems


While their products generally look really nice, I don’t see them receiving huge responses from the public yet. Although that’s not a surprising news, I was simply hoping that I can get confirmation that this technology is indeed good.


Medion LIFE P69053 Toshiba SBX1250 TrueSmart


Intrigued by the idea, although I first heard of them at NAMM 2013, still not a believer yet,



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