Noted the introduction.


(The part that I cared. It doesn’t matter which party you are in, with, and for, this is the proper attitude from the government.)

It’s our responsibility to reach out and build trust with the people, but building that trust depends on connecting with everyone. Talk is one thing, but actions speak louder than words.


We’re doing this (building trust) through a series of legislative effort and policy initiatives that demonstrate we’re (the political party government) on your side. We make sure that we’re an effective government, and just as importantly we’re going to ensure that our (state and federal) government spend your tax dollar wisely. California deserves a government that works for everybody.

My personal opinion:

We need to increase California’s water supply.

Except for a handful of government positions, California is not creating new jobs either. The unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, yet the fastest growing industry in California is the government. Good paying jobs is what leaves families to pride and prosperity. California families deserve better. Let’s go.


Well, there you go, the world.


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