Not Trumping It

If you want to be less biased, watch the video first.

Go ahead.

Ok. Now, I want to let off some steam.

Someone needs to remind him what it means to be disrespectful.

Where you from, Trump?

I’m from Taiwan, and what does that mean to you?

I am also an American, living in LA, that will vote for the U.S. president in the upcoming election, and what does that mean to you? Keep some thoughts to yourself. 

Excuse me, but if you do not allow someone from the audience to finish their sentence, I might as well interrupt you in your speech whenever you say something wrong, or disrespectful, or just when you’re trying to finish Have some respect.

So why are we spending more? Answer your own question, Trump! You really don’t know? Because the U.S. wants to have more political influence over other countries? Economic interests? Alliance? Peace, if not some levels of it? Because the U.S. wants to have more influence on human rights? Who is attacking South Korea? Who is attacking Japan? Sean’s point was: stop making exaggerated, misleading claims. If you have a point at all. And you interrupted him and went on to do the same, all the more.

We’re all still trying to make America great.

Yeah, the TVs manufactured by Koreans are cheap, but do you know why they are so cheap? How did these companies, Samsung, LG, Hyundai come to be where they are? And what does supporting these companies mean?

For your perusing pleasure:

One of the few times I feel the need to say something about politics.



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