How to react in a fire scene


Do not let misconceptions lower your chances of survival in a fire. These are the experiences shared by a firefighter from Taiwan, where the majority of the scenarios are in urban buildings / the city.

In a fire scene, do not do the following actions:

(1) Do not hide in the shower / bathroom, as the doors are made of plastic; the plastic doors will be melt, the smoke will enter the room, and fire will follow.

(2) Do not go up. Smoke is the number one killer in a fire, and you will not run faster than smoke going up. In fact, most people’s cause of death are losing consciousness due to heavy smoke.

(3) Do not use wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, as in the process you are not only increasing your exposure to danger, but also it does not really help you “breath better.”

In a small fire, run / hurry out to the safe areas.

In a big fire, where the fire is too big and too hot and smoke is fuming, close the doors, open the window to try to get help, and wait for firefighters / help to arrive.




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