Alan Yang

Alan Yang is an visual, interactive media, and performance artist, and a visualization specialist. He started making short films since 2007 and then went deeper for performance art. “Life is a stage,” Alan believes that everyone in the society is playing a role upon other’s gaze. He has played several performances in teh pulic to explore the existence  of “real self and alter self.”

Alan has great interests in interactive media. He designed a few hardware and software interfaces which respond to the audience’s actions. In doing so, Alan allows the audience become part of the art making process and even as part of the art project. He is one of the earliest artists who brings Xbox 360’s Kinect to an art project. His most recent interactive live show, “Kinect VJ,” allowed his audience to play visual effects with DJs through Kinect’s motion capture.

As a visualization specialist, he is currently working with a group of scientists at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He is helping researchers to explore novel ways to convey information. Right now, Alan is also making an educational game with his colleagues as he is responsible for the UI design and 3D modeling aspects.

Find his personal website here.


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