Bobby Bray

My background mostly stems from my involvements in independent subculture music. Since 1994 I have played guitar and sang in a musical group named The Locust. We have recorded 3 full length albums and 8 EPs, released by several different independent record labels. The Locust runs a small record label called Radio Surgery, of which I currently serve as president.

At age 30, after over ten years of recording and touring, I decided to return to college to an interesting new media major in the Music department at UCSD called:Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM). At UCSD I learned how to use open source software such as Arduino and Processing. In addition I became familiar with the program Pure Data (PD), in part from its creator Miller Puckette who is current Chair of the Music Department. I have also had the great pleasure of learning under other amazing professors including Dr. Ramachandran, Ricardo Dominguez, and Tom Erbe(owner of Soundhack).
Currently I am functioning as a volunteer in The Brain and Perceptual Process Laboratory, run by Dr. Ramachandran at UCSD. We are about to run a sex/body experiment which I conceived and designed. Coming from the art world, this collaborative gesture is part of a bigger concept I am working on. For the purpose of aiding the evolution of the collective unconsciousness it may be useful to formalize the idea of science outsourcing creativity to artists, who can be thought of as professional creative people.


The Locust (guitar / vocals) 1994 – current
Tour Blogs (US, Canada, Europe, Japan) 2007 – 2008
Holy Molar (synths, samples, circuit bent instruments) – ended
Henk (Reason, piano, found sounds) – current
Innerds (midi guitar, synths, vocals) – current
Thank You Forgetting Ideas (midi stuff, found sounds, etc.) – current
DJ Freaksauce (layering vinyl, digital effects) – current
Makeout Weird (co-curate, promote) – current


  • recording Innerds LP entitled “Western Spaghettification” in the studios of UCSD’s Conrad Prybys Music Center. I am functioning as engineer and co-producer with Brandon Relf (drummer of Innerds). A 5.1 surround sound mix is planned.
  • composing new material for upcoming LPs from Henk and Thank You Forgetting Ideas
  • searching for a career in the arts
  • plan “B” is to get an MFA degree – schools I’m interested include: Stanford, CalArts, UCSD, and Mills



Find Bobby Bray’s personal website at blogspot to see his many projects.


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