Cameron Bailey

Musician/Band: VERTIGHOST


Genre: Electronic Music

Member: Cameron David Bailey

Hometown: Ridgecrest, CA / San Diego, CA

Description: Vertighost produces and performs computer music using a combination of instruments, controllers, and software including: various hardware samplers and synths, Ableton Live, ProTools, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Max for Live, and self-programmed VST plugins.

Current Location: San Diego, CA

General Manager:

Booking Agent:

Influences: You seriously want me to live them all?



Part of Manorlady, a family band.

Home is a full-length debut album released on April 23rd, 2011.

Guitars, Vocals, Sequencing: Aaron Bailey
Bass, Vocals: Melissa Bailey
Keyboard: Donald Wooley

Home was recorded by Manorlady at Manorlady Manor in Charlottesville, VA. Engineering and assistant production by Aaron Bailey. Drums by Cameron Bailey recorded at USCD Conrad Prebys Music Studios in La Jolla, CA. Drum engineering by Matt Burns. Production and additional sequencing by Cameron Bailey. Mastering by Aaron Bailey. Photography by Patrick Croyle. Album art by Aaron Bailey. All songs written by Manorlady.


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