Eric Lansangan

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Who am I?

In order to answer that question we must first ask ourselves, what ever happened to “B” batteries?  I am that B battery. I am the, it. I don’t know where I’m going with this. My common name is Eric Lansangan. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California; Santa Clarita to be specific.

How did you start your journey in music making?

I started my musical aspirations about nine years ago, first learning to play bass clarinet. (I am 21 now, you can do the math.) After getting all the female attention a young boy’s heart could ever desire, I decided to mellow down my endeavors and started playing guitar. Whilst playing punk, ska, classic rock, metal music, I was also playing jazz and concert/marching music on trombone and clarinet, respectively.

What were your experiences with beat making?

I graduated high school and got my first Macbook fully equipped with Garageband. Before this, however, I did use a program called Guitar Pro. I guess you could say I started producing then. Those 8-bit midi sounds sparked a fire in me. A fire that since then was impossible to put out. Oh! I also used Fruity Loops for a bit. Damn, I’ve been doing this for a while now. I always hear people saying, “I’ve been producing since I was 12 or 15” and shit like that and I’m like “DAMN”, but I’ve been doing this off and on for quite a while now, too. ANYWAYS, on to more important matters. I started using Garageband and eventually Logic and produced all kinds of music, but got really big on Hellogoodbye for a bit and did a lot of electronic/dance rock.

Is that how you would define your sound?

I started doing drugs in college. These were hugely experimental and creative times for me to really find my voice in a production aspect, although I am still learning and constantly changing my sound. I would say my strong suits are Hip Hop, EDM and more orchestral/melodic stuff, stemming from my early love of melodic black and power metal. I was smoking a lot of marijuana at one point in my life. My sound definitely changed then. More laid back hip hop and shit. I transferred to UCSD as an ICAM Music major, essentially music technology, and started using Pro Tools a bit in recording classes but it wasn’t, how you say, my cup of tea. It didn’t tickle my fancy. I’m not sure when, but eventually I started heavily using Ableton Live. And drugs. Haha no, I didn’t. Ableton came after my drug addiction. Joking again. I started using Ableton Live as my primary DAW and never looked back.  My style now is EDM mixed with a little hip hop flava’. Yes, I put an apostrophe mark.

What are some of your inspirations?

Let’s not go there.  If you hear something that sounds good, it’s probably an inspiration of mine.

What equipments do you use?

Computer: Macbook 2,1 (upgraded RAM to 2GB, mind blowing speed…)
DAW: Ableton Live
Plug-ins: Komplete 5, Sylenth 1, Rob Papen’s Albino 3, Predator and SubBassBoom, Spectrosonics Stylus RMX, Stutter Edit, Waves Mercury, and a bunch more.
Headphones: Sennheiser PXC 350 (I really need to get monitors.)


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