iSK microphones, which are currently distributed in Europe and Australia, are not yet available in the US.

In the beginning of 2012, ProCan Audio started to stock their products and has been working with them as a Canadian distributor.

Audio Hipster Studios, a humbly small recording studio in Loganville Georgia, seems to be willing to do some reviews with these microphones.



U99 (Neumann U47 Style Mic) – using an Aluminum Capsule

RM12- Active Ribbon Mic

TRM9 Tube Mic

TRM11 Tube Mic

CM10 Stereo Pencil Condensers with Omni, Cardiod & Super Cardiod Capsules seems to be a good buy as well.

BM-88 Pencil Condenser


iSK’s products are available under a number of brand names. The mics are also being marketed by Recording Tools, KAM Instruments and Kel Audio. A quick search will bring you to this website, and you can find their manufacturer website here Nonetheless, the quality of their microphones remains very high among the relatively inexpensive audio gear being sourced from Asia these days.


When you go into the world of tube mics, you will find iSK products relatively good at really great prices. At least that’s what I concluded from the thread discussion on GearSlutz Forum:


your humble researcher,


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