Jameson Rikel

Musician/Band: J R Sun


Dubstep . Drumstep . Electro . Breaks . Fidget . Dutch . DnB
Jameson Rikel, aka J R Sun
Oak Park, CA
“I live where the needle finds its groove, spinning closer and closer to the center.”
With a combination of carefully chosen MIDI controllers and DJ software, epic home-brewed mashups, and incredible track selection from a variety of EDM genres, JRSun dominates the crowd relentlessly with a soul-blasting, sonic journey at every show. Do not miss out!
JRSun has spun at countless events, big and small. Among these include UCSD’s annual Sun God Festival with over 40,000 attendees, and DVC’s annual Let’s Bounce and Something Awesome events with up to 2,400 attendees. He has spun at shows with a variety of artists, including: Girl Talk, DJ Nu Mark, Designer Drugs, Z-Trip, Drake, N*E*R*D, Swedish Egil, Brazzabelle, and Mr. White.
Current Location
San Diego, CA
Booking Agent
Call 818-577-0205 or Email jamesonrr@hotmail.com for booking inquiries.


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