Joey Ma / 91

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Brief Background:

Joey Ma, (aka 91 due to it’s similar Chinese pronunciation to Joey) is an experienced studio engineer, sound designer, and creative artist. He has experiences in professional audio recordings for music productions, artistic & technical sound designs for theatrical performances, and live sound reinforcement for outdoor concerts as well as small venues.

Born in Taiwan, Joey is fluent in both Chinese Mandarin and English. On the side, Joey is very interested in several aspects of design and many forms of art, ranging from fields like fashion, graphics, industrial, product designs, to photography, interactive installations, software brainstorming, and architecture.

Live Sound Reinforcement Experiences:

House (Sound & Lighting) Engineer
Sound Tank, Resident at Guo-Guang Conference Hall, CPC Building
Taipei, Taiwan (2011 – 2012)

Stage Assistant
Taipei, Taiwan (2011)

Recording & Mixing Experineces:

Side Projects / Recording & Mixing Works Uploaded @ SoundCloud (2009 – present)

Producer / Recording & Mixing Engineer | Turning Tricks‘ “EP Phone Home” (2011)

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Learn Chinese Overnight‘s “Level 1” (2010)

Sound Design Experiences:

Sound Designer | UCSD UNPF: Underground New Play Festival (2011)

Sound Designer | UCSD Muir Musical: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (2010-2011)

Sound Designer | Nomads Theatre Company (2010-2011)

Assistant Sound Designer |
UCSD Theatre & Dance: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone (2009)
(written by August Wilson, directed by Kyle Donnelly, and sound designed by Blair Robert Nelson)

Creative Design Experiences:

Creative Designer | “A Night at the Museum Trade Show 2010” (2010)
A collaboration between UCSD Calit2’s MyLab Program and  the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California
(In charge of museum renovation and presentation improvements | see online article.)

Creative Designer | MUS 190: Musical Acoustics’ class project (2009)
(Custom-built an electric guitar with Gabriel Medina; scroll down for picture.)

– Pictures –

recording Turning Tricks, at UCSD’s CPMC studio (2011)

playing cues & mixing live orchestra at UCSD’s Muir Musical production (2011)

custom software for basic mixing & interactive playback ability, in Pd (2010)

a poster to illustrate the concept & use of the interactive playback system prototype (2010)

custom-made portable alarm using PIR sensor & Arduino (2009)

custom-made electric guitar with no guitar body (2008)


University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Bachelor of Art: Interdisciplinary Computing Arts Major – Music Emphasis (ICAM-Music)

Relevant Courses:

Studied in a yearlong course, Audio/MlDI Studio Techniques, taught by Tom Erbe, and learned the fundamentals of recording, mixing, and mastering.

Studied with Miller Puckette in a practical programming course, Computer Music, on computer synthesis techniques, learning the essentials of Pd and digital signal processing.

Studied with Peter Otto in his Sound Spatialization Seminar and had an extensive look at the physics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and DSP production and reproduction of surround sound.

Studied with Shahrokh Yadegari in his  informative, hands-on course: Theatre Process—Sound Design; and learned artistic sound design, technical sound plotting, and .


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