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Cheap Food in LA

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Let’s face it, living in LA isn’t exactly cheap. Once you’ve paid all your monthly bills, if you’re lucky, you might find yourself with a couple bucks left over to spend on a few drinks at the bar or a fancy meal.

While it’s pretty hard to get anything in LA cheap these days, there are still a few places left where you can get a decent meal without breaking the bank. Here are the best meals in LA under $10.





This foodie favorite opened this year and specializes in Sonoran-style carne asada (grilled over mesquite) and chimichangas. The tacos come in at around $3, and three should more than fill you up.


Rice Bar

Since opening in 2015, this hole-in-the-wall Filipino place has quickly developed a reputation for tasty takes on classics like bistek and longanisa. Most of the rice bowls come in at under $10 and should do you for lunch or a light dinner.


Bronzed Aussie

Australia’s one real innovation is the meat pie, a miniaturized version of the classic English pie.

You probably need to start with the original, or — if you’re feeling adventurous — try Australia’s other great invention, the sausage roll. They also make classic Australian pastries like the caramel slice, ANZAC biscuits, custard tarts and, of course, Lamingtons.



One $7 egg sandwich can keep you going all day, you just have to be prepared to stand in line for an hour.


Phillippe the Original

Yes, it’s the classic French dipped sandwich (a beef, pork, or turkey sandwich dipped in gravy). You can even add a side of potato salad and still come in at around $10.


Ramen of YorkRamen of York



Mixto Comida Latina

If you love tacos and burritos but are watching your waistline, then Mixto is the taco stand for you. The ingredients are fresh and organic and the vibe is pure Silver Lake. Tacos come in at around $3, and the bowls are packed full of vegetables at $8.


My Vegan Gold

Great selection of vegan burgers, soups, salads, and noodles that come in under the $10 mark.


Ramen of York

Okay, so the ramen is just over the line at $10.50 at this new Highland Park joint. If that breaks the bank, they do have a selection of delicious rice bowls that all come in under $10.


U Pick Café

What can you say about a huge kabob plate for under $10, other than, ‘bargain!’

If you’re on the go, all the wraps also come in at under $10. Of course, there’s tasty falafel for the vegetarians.



All the tacos (except the seafood tacos) come in at under $3. The problem is, they’re so good you might be tempted to blow your budget.

There are vegetarian options and they will do a vegan taco on request.




Ink Sack

Michael Voltaggio-approved gourmet sandwiches for a very reasonable $7. If you’re a vegetarian, lucky you, you can probably get something under $5.


Santouka Ramen

You’ll often hear people say that this is the best ramen in LA. That may be true, but there’s some stiff competition, so I’m not going to come down on that one. Plenty of options under $10 here, and for a few bucks more you can get a combo.


Kaya Street Kitchen

Delicious Malaysian/Singaporean inspired bowls with a Californian twist. Most bowls come in at around $8. If it doesn’t break the bank, add the “Kaya toast” (toasted bread with coconut jam) for dessert.


Fala Bar

Falafel is good. So are burgers. When you combine the two, you get a falafel burger, which may not double the goodness, but it’s pretty damn good—and it comes in at around $8.


M Cafe

You know it as the favorite of LA’s elite, but it’s also surprisingly affordable.

You won’t see celebrities actually hanging out here, but you will see their assistants running in and out to pick up that macrobiotic detox meal.





This classic diner has been around for more than 60 years, and you’d have to say it’s a Valley landmark. More than that, the prices are insane. You can grab a burger for $3.50, or roast beef and mashed potatoes for $5.50.


Bowl & Burger

If your appetite is huge, but your budget is small, then Bowl and Burger is the answer.

As the name suggests, they specialize in burgers and bowls—but you’d have to say that the latter is where value is. We’re talking huge piles of protein and salad for under $10. I guarantee you won’t leave hungry.


Bun Me

Nothing better than a banh mi at the spicy price of $5.70. The lemongrass chicken is excellent, but everything on the menu is good here. Don’t forget to ask for extra chili.


La Ramadita

This hole-in-the-wall is known for the torta ahogada, a Gaudalajaran sandwich drowned in salsa. It’s as good as it sounds.


Johnny Pacific

Johnny Pacific is all about the Hawaiian empanadas. You can grab three for under $10, or go for their $8.50 lunch special.




Chubby Rice

Aside from serving up generous portions of old-school Chinese classics and fusion dishes, Chubby Rice also has the honor of being the best-named Chinese restaurant in LA. The General Tso’s chicken is recommended, as are the gigantic egg rolls.


Craft Shack

Decent burgers, sandwiches, Mexican classics and poke, with pretty much everything coming in under the $10 mark.


Hawkins Burgers

It looks unassuming from the outside, but walk through those doors and you’ll be treated to one of the best burgers in LA. Honestly, you can come away more than satisfied for around $5 here.

If you’re willing to spend a few more bucks, you probably won’t have to eat for the next 24 hours.



Whatever you think of the constant storm of food-scene politics engulfing this place, you can still get a decent meal for under $6.


Ackee Bamboo

This popular Jamaican restaurant does classic brown stew and jerk chicken for under $10. If you’re on a tight budget, they run a selection of Jamaican sandwiches and wraps for under $7.

自由發揮 – Kiang



Kiang {ㄎㄧㄤ}:
西藏野驢(學名:Equus kiang;藏文:རྐྱང་།,威利:khyang)是大型馬科哺乳動物,分布於青藏高原海拔4000-7000米的地區,是所有野生驢中體型最大的一種,平均肩高為140釐米。它們與波斯野驢(或亞洲野驢,E. hemionus)有著親緣關係,有些分類學家將它歸為波斯野驢的一個亞種。

Kiang {ㄎㄧㄤ}:
症狀有妄想、幻聽、失眠、焦慮、衝動、自言自語等奇怪之行為 ; 若無妥善照護,最終將導致人格分裂併發自我感覺良好而無可救藥。



Movies Night

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Matthew O’Shannessy is a writer living in Los Angeles. He grew up in Tasmania, Australia and moved to LA via Melbourne where he joined an art collective and worked for the Melbourne International Film Festival. His work has been published in various magazines and he’s currently co-editing an arts anthology. He lives in Echo Park, but you can often find him scouting out the San Fernando Valley.

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As you kick back on the couch and switch on Netflix, take a moment to think about the fact that you’re living in the film capital of the world. Sure, you could just binge on another 10 hour Law and Order: SVUmarathon. Or, you could watch a classic film in an ornate, historic cinema.

TV is great, but there are some pleasures that you can only get in a dark room with a bunch of strangers. From a casual movie date to an obscure arthouse adventure, here are the best movie theaters in Los Angeles.



Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Good for: Action blockbusters

Action movies are all about eardrum-bursting surround sound and epilepsy-inducing edits. There’s no point watching one on Netflix, you’ll only get distracted by the plot. Instead, next time a blockbuster catches your eye, make the trip to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Despite being a historic landmark, they’ve managed to wedge a giant IMAX screen inside—the third largest in the world. It can get a little touristy down here (dozens of films have premiered here, and dozens of stars have left hand and shoe prints in the courtyard), but if you want a truly face-melting cinema experience, it’s worth braving the crowds.


Vista Theater / Los Feliz 3

Good for: Movie date

You may have noticed these two tiny historic cinemas if you’ve driven through Los Feliz. The Vista is on Sunset, while the Los Feliz 3 is right on Vermont, between Skylight books and Fred 62. If you’re over the cold, impersonal vibe of the multiplexes, the charming 30s décor and intimate screens will get you excited about going to the movies again. Both cinemas are perfect for a movie date, with bars, cafes, and restaurants in walking distance.


New Beverly

Good for: People who love Quentin Tarantino & 35mm double features

Tarantino bought this cinema back in 2007 and transformed it into a film nerd’s paradise. The focus is on grindhouse, indie, and arthouse films screened in their original formats (most cinemas these days are digital only). You won’t find the latest mainstream Hollywood releases here, but you will find plenty of vintage sleaze, exotic sci-fi, and forgotten classics that are a hell of a lot of fun.



Echo Park Film Center

Good for: Underground cinema, up-and-coming talent

This tiny shop front in Echo Park looks unassuming, but step inside and there’s a buzzing non-profit that operates a micro-cinema, film school, and film studio out of a few charmingly cluttered rooms. EPFC’s focus is on emerging and underground filmmakers, so if you want to get in early on the next big thing in Hollywood, here’s the place to do it. The eclectic program covers local history, politics, short films, video art, foreign cinema, and the occasional performance.


Cinerama Dome

Good for: When Grauman’s Chinese Theater is too busy

Before I went here, I thought that they actually projected the film onto the “dome.” They don’t. If you were wondering about that, well I’ve saved you the trip. The screen is huge, and there is a lot of history here, but, honestly, the viewing experience is not quite as good as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. That said, if you’re looking to avoid the chaos of Hollywood Boulevard on the weekend, then this is the place to see the latest blockbuster.


The Egyptian

Good for: Old-school classics on 35mm

This is it—the Mecca (or whatever the ancient Egyptian equivalent of Mecca is) for LA film buffs. Now run by the American Cinematheque, this historic faux-Egyptian temple (complete with hieroglyphics) is the place to see Hollywood classics in all their original 35mm glory. Make sure you check the program, as screenings are often accompanied by Q&A sessions with actors, directors, and screenwriters.



Aero Theatre

Good for: Old-school classics on 35mm

Originally built by the founder of Douglas Aircraft Co. so that his employees could watch movies at any time of the day, this historic single-screen theater is now also run by the American Cinematheque. The program is similar to the Egyptian, with Hollywood classics, foreign and arthouse fare.



Good for: Freaky cult films & late-night thrills

If you’re a creature of the night and enjoy things like Czech surrealism, Jesus biker movies, or exploding heads, then you should probably check out Cinefamily. As well as uncovering and restoring cult oddities, Cinefamily also runs regular programs on auteurs like Almovodar, Godard, and Akerman. The small venue and can sell out quickly. Get in early so you can grab a comfy spot on the couch.


Velaslavasay Panorama

Good for: Obscure oddities & adventures

This amazing historic landmark (built in 1915) was bought and restored by a local artist and now runs an eclectic program of arthouse films, documentaries, video art, performances, and lectures. If you visit, make sure you check out the spooky historical panorama painting upstairs.



Fox Village Theater

Good for: Film history buffs

Generally, the Fox Theater only has one screen operating nowadays, but up until the end of the 80s, this is where a lot of Hollywood premieres would happen—everything from The Adventures of Casanova to The Terminator. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth dropping by to catch a movie and check out the historic architecture, including the iconic tower.

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