being your customized audio solution.


If you have a problem with your audio system, we will help you solve them.

Some examples of what we already have done…

  • We’ve installed top-quality 5.1 home theater system for customers. (wall-mounted TV & in-ceiling speakers)
  • We’ve installed karaoke systems on tour bus! (Really!)
  • We’ve installed, set up, and tuned karaoke / speaker systems for restaurants.

As problem solvers, we put our audio knowledge to work in order to help you with your headache. Throw anything at us and we’ll think of a way to make you happy.

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Contact Joey at 909-979-7891 or email for a quote. 講中文.




Google Voice: +1 909 547 4687 (HOUR) – leave a message!

Fax: +1 484 423 0780

BIG HOUR services include: consultation, installation, and is opened to any work that is related to your audio needs.

Key areas of service:

  • Professional and/or Home-Use Audio System
  • Professional and/or Home-Use Karaoke System
  • Professional Sound Design for Theater Productions and Motion Pictures
  • Professional PA Systems for Small Venues

For more info on Joey’s past experiences please refer to:

Areas of experiences

  • Recording engineering
  • Mixing engineering
  • Studio services / basic mastering
  • Artistic theatre / theatrical sound design
  • Technical sound system design for theatrical performances, concerts, and venues
  • Live sound reinforcement / PA

Close connections with other experts


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