The Group

Big Hour is also simultaneously a group of artists, born among the classmates of Joey Ma, an Interdisciplinary Computing Arts – Music graduate from UCSD. However, the group consists of many other talents from all around the world as well. This is an invite-only network, thereby making the group a much more personally-related community than a nominal network. The group ranges from visual artists, photographers, new media artists, interactive computer artists, musicians, sound designers, audio programmers, to producers, prides in being such a creative people with their unique artistry and mastery of art forms, and produces a wide variety of works.

The group is currently looking for help in areas such as group administration and blog maintenance. Also, as the group has only started very recently, it is also still recruiting and consolidating, so do not be discouraged by its incomplete directory, and we will try to update as soon as we can.


Joey Ma (Founder / Studio Engineer / Producer / Sound Designer)

Affiliated Artists:

Cameron Baley, also in Manorlady (Interdisciplinary Visual & Music Artist)

Saif Bari, aka Mastah Syphe (Artist / Composer / Deejay / Producer)

Bobby Bray, also in the Locust (Interdisciplinary Visual & Music Artist)

Melanie Chen (Theatre Sound Designer)

Stephen Liu

Tony Lu (Computer Graphics and Vision Artist)

Kyle Rowan @ Penguinman Music. (Composer)

Toshiro Yamada (Audio Programmer)

Alan (Xilun) Yang


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