Turning Tricks


Genre Rock
Members Sam Van Gorden – Guitar, Vocals
Jason Coss – Bass, Occasional Guitar
Rishi Parikh – Drums
Hometown San Diego, CA
Record Label Unsigned
About Working the corner since ’09
Jesus meets Buddha meets Allah meets Ganesh
When Rishi, Sam, and Jason first met in the Muir College dorms in 2009, it was love at first sight. After jamming for a couple months in a room at the KSDT radio station, they recorded a song in a garage and performed under the moniker Cottage to a handful of loyal fans. Now called Turning Tricks, they recently recorded an EP in a legit ass campus studio and are looking forward to a second EP’s imminent release.Their style consists of a unique blend of indie rock, post-rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, igneous rock, and every other fucking type of rock, drawing influence from bands ranging from Minus the Bear to Radiohead to the Goo Goo Dolls. With a repertoire of almost a dozen originals and many covers, Turning Tricks has impressed audiences with its powerful style and stage presence. Please enjoy Turning Tricks responsibly.
Artists We Also Like
Cunning Stunts, Gao Gao and the Bamboo Shoots, Metatonic, Treefish, Save the Swim Team
Minus the Bear, Radiohead, Goo Goo Dolls, Tool, Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, Rebecca Black, Russian Circles, Death Cab for Cutie, Don Caballero, Mogwai, and a lot of other good bands

Find Turning Tricks at:

Bandcamp | Facebook


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